Dayana Bermúdez Cortes February 14, 1990 is a Colombian actress, communicator and producer. Her first approach to the theater was when she was 12 years old but her professional career began with a special participation in 2019 in the play ‘Muchacho de Luna’ directed by the Argentine Óscar Barney. Finn on texts by Federico García Lorca, later she starred in the Argentine historical play “La Madre de La Patria” that she produced with her partner in 2022 and as of 2023 Dayana is the winner for best actress with the Colombian film “El Exilio Del Mar” at the FICIMAD Independent Film Festival of Madrid, a film that has been an official selection at 70 independent film festivals around the world.

Graduated in Social Communication and Journalism, Colombia.

10 years of artistic training – 7 years of theater, Argentina.

“From the Colombian coffee mountains to the world”

Dayana Bermúdez Cortes

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